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A Come Back

February 7, 2011
Posted at 10:30 am

I love writing. It's a release of stress for me. Which is funny cause I can't spell and couldn't pass a High School English test to save my ass. I mean I have no idea what the names are of the parts of the sentences that I put together are called. I just do know that I hate reading stories where most of the "OHHHHHHHHH and AHHHHHH's are all over the page. It's harsh on the eyes. And I know when my thought is done, simply end it.

I want the reader to see what I see. That's hard. I mean if I say a woman is 5 foot 7 with stats of 44, 30, 38 you get the idea that she's stacked and a bit on the tall side but that's about it. I don't want you reading numbers simply because when you look at someone you don't see numbers. I want you to see the woman. Or man. As I see him/her. That's not easy. I hope you can when you read.

My tastes run wild. Most things I'd never be so bold to actually do. I mean in this story alone Kat having complete strangers see and do things to her that... no.

I'd rather be in love, at least a bit... well ok. I have to like the dude a bit. :) I'm just too shy. So this is my way to explore, let my mind fly free.

I hope the grammar is good enough so the reader won't care that it's incorrect. I hope they get it when I use past tense in a current themed paragraph. I mean sometimes it's on purpose you know! At least it makes sense to me! :)

The next story? I dunno. Gotta wait for the next dream to come to me and I'll watch it grow.

By that I mean I never know who will be in my stories, or what they'll be like, or what they'll do. I'll sit down and begin and before I know it I'm shocked at where they go and what they're doing. I never could write with an outline like they tried to teach me in school. Nope, it happens and it's all them, I'm just the typist.

Most stories start with an odd dream or stray thought. This one started with a dream of a hot tub. There wasn't even any sex. Just the hot tub at a public area. *shrug* I dunno how it works. It just seems to. The question is.... Should I try to publish a small book? Am I good enough to write for printer?