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February 6, 2011
Posted at 12:21 am

I dunno know, Emily...I think Stepdaddy's all talk

Stepdaddy talks a good game. We know that from the way he answers letters from misguided girls. (Do we know any misguided girls, Em?) What with all his stuff about what he would do and how he would do it.

Like his "Call me Daddy (capital D) or sir", his "training" of "his young ladies", how he's going to "Daddy fuck sense" into Bewildered in Baton Rogue or telling Moist in Miami to send him her white panties scented by her "squishy bits". Squishy bits? Are you fucking kidding me?

Come on....this guy's on crack. I'll bet he's just sittin' at his computer, pullin' on it like all the other pervs around here.

Emily: I say we call his bluff and go to his place and give him a twin daughter fuck. But let's be sure to wear our white panties. I got a feeling he's one of those guys who digs that.