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Finding another editor

February 1, 2011
Posted at 12:31 pm
Updated: February 1, 2011 - 12:34 pm

My current and trusted editor --> Grisbuff <-- and others have asked me to pursue some of the story lines from the POV of a woman. I am a old guy and while I flatter myself in that I know a little about women, I also know I feel completely insecure writing from such a POV without a female editor sitting on my shoulder. The problem comes in finding one! There are almost 300 volunteer editors listed, but there is no way to know if there is even one woman among them. And even then, a Filipino woman has a completely different world view than does an American or European woman. It is more than subtle. There are a whole set of different values. So while continuation of Thread #1 can be accomplished with the help of an American woman editor for the accuracy of the POV, and I don't know how to find her, how to get the POV for Joy, or Abbey, or Jun, or Ganda.... well I have no clue. I know how they act in the situations they are found in within my stories... and I know the behaviors are the right ones as would be found in the real world, even though the stories are fiction... but I do not know what goes on in their brains. I only know the results of those processes. Suggestions are welcome.