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Lisa & Alex

January 31, 2011
Posted at 8:33 pm

Tonight I uploaded a new high school story. Some of the characters are based on kids I knew and Pine Needles is a real place. It just has an Indian name in real life.

I recently received a request from a reader for a timeline of my stories, so here it goes.

The Pam timeline
1) "Pam's First Time"
2) "A Pam Sandwich"
3) "Pam in the Van"
4) "Pam's Home Invasion"
a. "Alex's Pool Party" is a side sequel to "Pam's First time," but is not part of her story.

Cray's Timeline (Cray is me. "Cray's First Time" happened as written, with names and places changed. "Cray's Summer Vacation" is all fiction)
1) "Cray's First Time"
2) "Cray's Summer Vacation"
3) "Lisa & Alex's First Time"

Matt's Timeline (also me, built out my teenage fantasies about real people). Yes, my sister was smoking hot and yes, I was in puppy love with the luscious Lynne. The penthouse and the loft were real, as was sneaking in to see "Fritz the Cat."
1) "The Best Birthday Present Ever."
2) "Meg's First Time"

Some of the Three Universe Stories stand-alone.
1) "Beth's New Lover"
2) "Tristan, Marisol & Lydia" (my first attempt)

Rachel and Robbie came from Lydia's walk through the mall after visiting Victoria's Secret in T,M & L. I wondered what it would that be like for a 16 year old, smoking hot girl just discovering her sexuality.