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My apologies, readers and friends...

January 29, 2011
Posted at 3:49 pm


I've been receiving a steady stream of emails welcoming me back from oblivion. I feel very lucky and flattered...seriously! So far no one has said, "You just disappeared, again! Bitch!" Though I may deserve it.

I do want to apologize to so many readers who said such wonderful things about my stories. I'm so sorry that I've gone away twice without warning. And even more so, I'm sorry that I left some friends behind without warning, some for at least the second time.

When I get burned out, or guilt overtakes me, I bail out. I intentionally locked myself out of both my LaurenMom and my Lauren Blue Eyes accounts. I needed to get away and I wanted to keep myself from just coming back. But, again, I can't stay away.

Thanks to those who have welcomed me back. I've been collaborating with another SOL author who has become a great online friend. We've written a couple of things under Madison and Addison.

I'm also planning to repost my stories from LaurenMom and Lauren Blue Eyes, all under Lauren. There are a few that I'll add to, and I expect to write some new things too.

Thanks again to all...