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Arctic Cats

January 23, 2011
Posted at 11:26 am

I had a question from a reader (hey, I have readers!!) about why the Swarm would even be interested in ice planets like Thule, as they'd be unlikely to find food there.

The current story does not go into any real detail on this question (aside from the need to get rid of some pesky humans who would otherwise hit them from behind if just bypassed). It's more the story of a bunch of humans adapting to their new way of life in the Diaspora. I'm hoping to do a Part II that explores some concepts regarding the morality of certain weapons, tactics and strategies in wartime, using a potential Earth defence strategy as a proxy for those debates about nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, and such lesser yet still highly controversial devices as land mines and cluster bombs.

It will also allow me to explore the personalities behind the characters I use in that story - how that colours their views. It'll be a challenge to write, as I won't be just writing a "fun with dick in Jane", but it could prove more rewarding both to me and to the reader. I hope I'm up to it. For now, let's enjoy exploring the world of the Chosen Frozen.