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Diary of a Dabo Girl - revisted

January 13, 2011
Posted at 8:57 am
Updated: January 13, 2011 - 1:15 pm

It seems that some of you enjoyed TME so much that my other story also got some more attention. It was still filled with all sorts of small mistakes though, so I decided to give it a proper proof read.

I hope everything is fixed now and that at least the technical aspect won't distract from reading the story anymore. :-)

If you enjoy a short story based on a famous space station, that even had its own television series for several years, then go ahead and give it a read. Depending on the feedback I get about it I might write more adventures of Lira.

On the other hand, I've also had some nice ideas for a cool scifi story that's not related to any existing franchise.
I've always been a big fan of scifi stories, but it's hard to find good ones with a real plot to them.

John Wales wrote two really nice ones with Tandra (in my oppinion a must read if you like that genre) and Space (also a really good one). Unfortunately the majority of the stories I found with a great plot were never finished. I think my next project will be going more into the scifi direction. TME is written in such a way that it could actually happen already. Apart from the collar used by the doctor all of the technology is pretty much mainstream and even the collar might already exist in one form or another.

Other news:
Chapter 9 of TME is going I hoped, it seems my evenings are tied up a lot when it comes to things that I need to take care off, besides writing. On the bright side, I have the first week from February off work and I hope to make some good progress that week with the story. Until then chapters will likely only come out once a week.