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TME - general update (and Janneke's picture)

January 4, 2011
Posted at 11:45 am
Updated: February 16, 2011 - 3:18 pm

Still working on chapter 7 and I expect to upload it either tomorrow or Thursday, it's unlikely that it'll be online tonight.

The story started out as a horror/ thriller, but I think you all will enjoy the romantic scene I came up with too.

I've also decided to reduce the amount of story codes after a tip I got. Story codes that aren't a main part of the story (yet) are removed, with the exception of oriental female/ hispanic female that is since I expect to introduce Aika soon and a so far unnamed Spanish nurse.

If you have any suggestions for a name then feel free to e-mail me! All suggestions will be taken into serious consideration. My only conditions are that it's a typical Spanish name and the first and last name don't start with the same letter, I don't like those kind of combinations since it's a typical writer's cliché.

I'd like to give a Spoiler alert below the line regarding Janneke, if you prefer your own image of how you shaped her in your imagination then stop reading now. :-)

Since you decided to keep on reading, don't say I didn't warn you. ;)

As some of you may have realized Janneke's inspiration came from an existing woman.

For those of you interested where that inspiration came from, here is a link a (SFW) picture of Janneke.