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ideas without stories

December 23, 2010
Posted at 3:51 pm

So I have one idea for a large-scale mind-reading story I've been sitting on for a couple months; I like the idea but haven't gotten the inspiration to write it. I have another good idea for an alternate human form of psyche that arises spontaneously in our children and interbreeds with us (new in the last week). And I've got two pedo stroke stories, one set in the Sweet RAD universe and one on its own. The latter two are largely drafted, but I haven't started on the other two. Lots of possibilities.

And there are other ideas sitting on the shelf. A man who tries to get his anorexic daughter to eat by threatening to have sex with her if she doesn't (that really didn't seem to be going anywhere...). A "buddy up" system because everyone has to have sex a few times a day or they get sick...

Dealing with my late father's estate and trust issues doesn't quite set the mood, but that's been a factor on and off for months. (Hmmm, is there a story idea for an affair with your estate lawyer? Not coming up with one. :-))