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"Melissa's Wild Night" in the queue

December 11, 2010
Posted at 1:13 pm

The next in the series of Melissa's adventures is ready to be published. It's Melissa's second shift at McDowell's and her first night shift. That's when more families come out to shop. Little does Melissa know she's about to be tempted with boys. Check it out and see just how wild she gets with her customers.

In the meantime, I am creatively getting back in the mood with Erin and trying to finish the week out. Once this is done, the entry will end. But Erin's adventures will continue without being confined to the one entry. Instead, they will continue as a series. In the future are a couple of band concerts, a school fair, and a Thanksgiving feast (they are still in September).

There's also plenty of Naked Party ideas involving characters from all three series, as well as Eden Valley's "Tales from the Sex Room" on the way. So, lots more from me coming soon.

Have a great weekend!