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Explanation and Understanding

December 10, 2010
Posted at 8:31 am
Updated: December 10, 2010 - 11:08 pm

In the "how the heck does his mind work" category, I tender this offering.

With the recent posting of Inspecting The Inspector, I received a lot of mail about the ending of the story. The vast majority of it was positive, but there were some folks who wondered why I chose to do an ending like that, when it wasn't at all necessary.

It was really quite simple, except that none of you knew it, so I thought I'd explain that, and you'd get another glimpse into the head that mystifies so many people.

If you'll remember the Foreword to the story, it said that it was Big Jim's idea. Here is what Big Jim actually said to me in an email one time:

Hello my friend, How about a story Uncle BOB & the
Goverment Inspector (female ) of course. Where he
finds out 1/3 through it is his long lost neice
and he does some overtime inspections of a most
salacious nature!

That was all he said. And, if you've read the story, you now understand why Bob was a Government Agent in the Inspector General's Office, and why he got a new partner, and who that partner was.

It was really quite simple. It was a story that was supposed to be made up of basically three parts.

How my mind works is displayed in what I built with those three parts.

Plus, it is so difficult to susprise my readers these days that I just couldn't resist crafting a story in which I knew I would surprise most, if not all of them.

And that's why that story had that ending.

Thanks for reading.