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Oceania and Megan's World Feedback

December 9, 2010
Posted at 12:39 pm

I have only one word to describe the response to Megan's World.


Thank you all for the amazing feedback. I'm overwhelmed. I will do my utmost to get it finished and on the site asap. As I said earlier, it needs editing and proofreading and it's not a small story - 250,000 words. That's nearly twice the size of Oceania.

I missed the 'prost' code off last night. It was late, I was tired and distracted from watching the lovely Anna Torv who plays Olivia in the superb SF series, Fringe. I love that program, especially the contrast between Walter Bishop and Walternate in the other universe.

Without giving too much away, alternate universes play a part in the new Oceania novel. One of the characters will enter our world and set dramatic events in motion.

I thought I'd publish my planned release schedule for the rest of Oceania.

Dec 10: Chapters 9-10
Dec 12: Chapters 11-12
Dec 15: Chapters 13-15
Dec 17: Chapters 16-18
Dec 19: Chapters 19-21
Dec 22: Chapters 22-25
Dec 27: Chapters 26-28
Dec 29: Chapters 29-31

Megan's World books 1 and 2 will follow during the early part of 2011, hopefully interleaved with work on 'Oceania and Beyond'.

That's all I feel comfortable committing to at the moment as I've got a few software projects that'll need my attention also.

Once again thanks for all your lovely comments