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Flying Solo

December 8, 2010
Posted at 12:29 pm

Just posted 'The Young Girl's story' based on the poem 'Young and Old'
Bit of a departure for me by first being from a young girl's POV and second being self edited. What's that legal saying 'A fool has himself as a lawyer'; probably true for editing as well. Still beggars can't be choosers and the story was all done and dusted and no editor available.

Just had a look at the story on line and saw a typo error straightway ....win some lose some .

Anyway I hope my reader enjoys the tale ,errors and all . Could make a series from the poem but I'm still burrowing away at the opus I had hoped to unleash upon an unsuspecting public early in the New Year.
It will probably be delayed until I unearth an editor.