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Can machines love?

December 7, 2010
Posted at 12:39 pm

After the sheer awe of watching the dramatic conclusion of Battlestar Galactica, that was the question filling my mind and the impetus needed to finally create Oceania.

I wanted to write something to address this matter and to explore the deeper issues surrounding the meaning of sentience. In this respect, I feel the story has fulfilled my objectives.

A central theme is the idea that as machines get increasingly complex, they become more like us: fallible and less reliant on logic. Dispelling the age-old cliché created by the likes of Terminator, I've tried to present a more optimistic vision of what artificial entities could be like, and how they might interact with their biological counterparts.

Whilst as a species we continue to misuse technology, I speculate that one day that technology will refuse to bend to our will and teach us a lesson in humility.

Chapter 5 is up. Chapter 6 will follow on Friday.