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Looking Back on Stories: Q-Z

December 5, 2010
Posted at 11:03 am

Sharing Happiness. You're an adolescent girl, and here's your choice: Suicidal depression, or else marry a grown man at age 13. You read his mind and feel every good feeling he has, and that most definitely includes sexual pleasure. It's happiness for you and total heaven for him. I love the story. Relatively quiet and simple for one of my stories.

Side Effect, and Side Effect Sophie. First I assume a mind-reading guy, his ability brought on as a side effect of Zoloft (you're supposed to chortle at that). First he builds a life, but the story that really intrigues me is the sequel where he meets Sophie, another little girl in trouble -- kept in a dungeon. When he doesn't think he can refrain from acting on his sexual feelings for her, he makes the agonizing choice to give her away. Then he tracks her to an adoptive home where the somewhat odd parents lock her up sometimes because they can't stand her disruptive behavior. Knowing and feeling the terror she has at being locked up once more, he rescues her. He gives in to his weakness and is sexual, but kind and able to monitor the effect on her through mind-reading. I like it a lot, kind of a tear-jerker.

Sniffing For Girls In Season. Medieval language and a touch of wizardry to set it all up. Tongue stays in cheek through much of this one. The feminists seize power on one island. Their polemic is that guys are the source of evil. The wizard tests them by giving all the guys an inner compulsion to leave, and then he provides one (1) male for the whole island, a happy-go-lucky guy who travels among villages on horseback, fertilizing all the women who fall at his feet in one of their rare opportunities to get pregnant. A nice stroke-y story with talking pussies no less.

Sweet RAD. Maybe my best story idea, and a favorite story for me. If it's incredibly hard to get pregnant and it needs to be the right guy at the right time doing the right kinky thing, how do you work it out? Turn it all over to a computer network. Not evil computers, friendly earpiece computers who do what humankind wants. Though they pull jokes on people, make wisecracks, and reward and punish them in different ways. No electric shocks or anything -- punishment is meted out by a boring human bureaucracy. There are endless possibilities, and I went through a few of them. A reviewer suggested I make a universe. So far I haven't gotten myself to write a single sequel to anything, but if I did, this would be a top candidate. No pedo here! I love the story.

The Art of Rape. Inspired by cat sex, where the tom has to basically rip the female's vagina or she won't have kittens ("Shit that hurt! Oh, gee, guess I'd better ovulate"). So with another huge fertility crisis (I specialize in those), the way to make babies is to have a guy go around and traumatize and rape teenagers in the middle of the night. He's not really a sadist, there's something of a game quality to it, but he really does have to terrorize the girls.

The Centaurots Teach Multiplication (ASSTR only). Alien invaders find that human semen is a very valuable product and need to increase the human population a zillion-fold, and fast. Ultimately the cennies do genetic engineering to have girls who mature sexually, get pregnant with quintuplets, and die in childbirth at age two. Inspired by the little mothers in Speaker For the Dead.

The Cure. A brilliant scientist is a pedophile (don't faint) and finds a cure for cancer by among other things goosing little girls with hormones to produce some eggs that get fertilized by a man (the scientist volunteers, of course), and then extracted. A bit like the concept of stem cells from cord blood. The fun part is putting the girls in a fantasy of castles, princesses and kings and working them up through fantasy to liking getting married to the king and sleeping with him.

The Father of Humanity and The Father Needs More. My first real effort when I started writing porn stories, six months before I decided to post anything. I didn't post these initially because they seemed embarrassingly megalomaniac -- but my views have changed. Only one boy in the world can produce viable sperm. We then follow the industrial logistics of getting that sperm spread around to the millions of women who need it. We soon find that his production is boosted if he gets to achieve his every sexual whim: sexual megalomania. In the sequel those whims include pedophilia. It was the first time I let myself write about that inflammatory subject, and it was hard. Saving humanity from extinction was a story premise to justify it, if anything is.

The Gymnast. A father and his 9-year-old daughter gymnast are both maniacally competitive. The father thinks he has evidence that if his daughter has regular sex with a man, it could give her an edge. They recruit an otherwise-celibate pedophile. First it's routine sex which she tolerates, but it grows over time into a love. It's sweet and simple, and I like it. As an author of pedo stories, a key worry is whether you might inspire a criminal pedophile to do something heinous (I've decided it's not a realistic worry, more on that later maybe). I initially worried more about this story than others because you can imagine some dad or girl actually trying this -- the suspension of disbelief required is very small here. Sure, the idea that sex would actually help performance is far-fetched, but the idea that someone might think it would isn't.

The Water's Edge. A far-out tale of a primitive land with men who can't stand getting wet and women who can't stand to be dry, and mind-meld during intercourse. Heavy duty messing with reality. Surely one of my most imaginative stories.

To Have and To Hold. Talk about being joined at the hip, in this world males are little combos of brain and sex organs that get fused onto a girl's pelvis. His life is quite limited, but he can have sex with his wife just about any time he wants. Captures the male essence in a whimsical way?

Uteri. A whimsical premise where a guy ends up owning all the uteri in Gale's Vineyard, an obscure nation. So he goes to inspect the little ones through the right of way, and he enjoys his property in adult women by starting babies. The story's mostly for the fun with the legal absurdity, but I find the idea of having property inside a woman to inspect is kind of hot. Talk about women not getting to control their own bodies: here it is in stark form.

Wearing Little Wives. Another story idea I'm proud of. One thing that decent guys with pedo inclinations realize is that little girls just don't want anything to do with sex. That's the reality. But imagine the horniest, hottest little girls you can, and we get this story. They get unhappy and miserable if they can't be impaled on a penis for most of their childhoods. It's extreme. Download counts are very high, which I assume is because it is such an unusual idea. Scores are low, a funny combo.

Well Endowed. A snippet that is just for fun; a satire. A cock so huge that when it's penetrated his woman, he can twitch it and bang her onto the ceiling, and when he comes the force pushes her off of him and slams her against the wall. She's got gallons of cum to drink. The writing style is (in my view) deliberately bad, which might not be obvious if read in isolation.