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Looking Back On Stories: F-P

December 3, 2010
Posted at 9:53 pm
Updated: December 3, 2010 - 9:56 pm

I'm continuing through the alphabetical list of my stories, noting how I feel about them today.

First Prize. An incredibly indulgent pedo fantasy. A mini-harem of a dozen pre-pubescent girls have pussies big enough to get take a guy's cock without undue harm. A chocolaty food-fight orgy. And taking each little one in his arms into the bathroom in the night for a pee. Yummy. Doesn't have a plot and doesn't need one.

Good Morning, Hannah. I love the concept. Save girls' lives by blasting their comatose brains with radioed orgasms as they get laid by the guy with the transmitter. He tries to keep them from getting addicted to those radioed orgasms, but (what a shame!) he has to keep a small percentage to have sex with regularly.

Kayla and Mandy. Another sweet girl who needs saving, this one with a neglectful mother. The girl's a limited mind-reader and can't help pick up his pedo fantasies -- a theme I use in a few other stories too. He tries to resist but she would rather he fulfill his impulses that she can't help pick up than have him go around frustrated all the time, and they end up with his pedo dream that is what they both want.

Kindergarten Mind-reader. Maybe my favorite story of all I've written. Another abused and scared little girl has to escape a bad situation and with her mind-reading skills ends up in a (celibate) pedophile's house, because he's the only one who (after she entraps him) won't do the "right thing" and call in a missing child. Also, he adores her and is fiercely protective and loving -- feelings that live alongside his lust. So some of the story tension is how he resists his lust mostly, and so does she, though reading his mind she constantly knows he's got the hots for her. And there's more too -- trying to explore what a mind-reading girl might actually do with her life. This one's got a substantial plot.

Labia Worship. Imagine a guy with a very specific pedophile fetish -- for young girls' labia, to look and touch and admire, but not to go inside. Might have narrow appeal, but it's a sort of fetish I sympathize with, so why not write for like-minded souls, however few?

Listen Girls, It's Sex Or Die! I love the story concept. All the girls from puberty onward have to have sex with a guy during their fertile periods or they get very, very sick. Much of the story is a sex ed write-up for girls, and it's fun and erotic (for me anyway) to tell girls how to handle their growing and changing bodies in THAT world. No "abstinence only" here! How to get laid reliably at that certain time -- so you don't croak. Then some fun sex stories.

Love and Conscience and Little Girls. Poor grandpa finds he's got the hots for his little grand-daughters. When he feels he's losing control, he does the right thing and keeps his distance. But the little girls miss his (nonsexual) presence sorely. His daughter figures that as long as everything's consensual, the girls are better off with his loving presence than without it (an incorrect assumption, but this is fiction, right?). Putting the sex in the relationship is awkward and with bumps in the road -- they initially just put up with his sexual desires but don't really enjoy them -- but then they turn out to be very horny little girls (unrealistic, but this is fiction, right?). A twist with the daughter, too. I really like the story.

Please Make Me Pregnant. Another self-indulgent fantasy. It features two perfect long-lost daughters who beg to be impregnated. The description plays with good manners and innocence. Oh yeah, the mother wants another baby too. A very nice stroke story, to my taste. Inspired a bit by Dr Scribble stories.

Proportionality. This answers the pedophile's basest desire. There's a gorgeous little girl over there. How could I have my way with her right now, and end up with everybody very happy? Lots of sci fi, that's how. Witchcraft that freezes time, a mini penis that fits inside little pussies, semen that drives them crazy with pleasure, and then amnesia. There's a plot, and another little powerful girl shows up, but that's the basics. Judging by downloads, this is a big hit, and I think I can see why, since it answers that pedophile's primitive desire. Of course, I can't really tell why -- no identifiable reader pool to sample and question.