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Looking back on stories: A-E

December 2, 2010
Posted at 12:35 pm
Updated: December 3, 2010 - 9:57 pm

So here's what I think of some of my stories, many months afterward.

Agony With a Purpose (ASSTR only). The most brutal story I've written. Yeah, it's to keep the species from going extinct, but maybe torturing all of the women with year after year of agonizing sex isn't worth it. Some things are too awful for me to even write fiction about, and this one is on the edge.

Always Wear Your Shoes. A self-indulgent fantasy about snatching a 13yo morsel and raping her -- in a relatively polite and civilized fashion. While we're being self-indulgent, why not assume she does that "reluctant" thing and begs for the sperm by the end? And bears him a child to brighten his declining years. I like it a lot. Try it in the real world and I'll personally strangle you.

Baby Visions. Early-stage abortion isn't murder. Maybe I should just have said it outright. If a woman was haunted by all the babies she might have conceived but didn't because she abstained, she'd go totally crazy. Blobs of cells are no different, in my view.

Bless the Torpedoes. What a cruddy title! It's another "fun with a purpose" story. Suppose some grown women looked exactly like little girls, where would the otherwise celibate pedophiles be, huh? Huh? They could be the upstanding and decent lovers to those women. Sometimes I think I'd like to take this concept and do more with it. Should it get a "girl" code or not? That gets right to the heart of what the story is about. I like it.

Bulls and Nymphs (ASSTR only). The very first story I posted. Lots of people downloaded it to check out a new author, or at least I think that's why it got downloaded so much. But ultimately not a good choice for making a first impression, as I see it now. It's an interesting enough idea -- to be able to make babies, women have to accept being dumb and horny for the rest of their lives, and guys only last a few months as Neanderthal sex maniacs before dying in pain.

Chemistry Set. One of my few stories where the protagonist is actually pretty mean. Torments his sister with sex organ itches and overfull bladder episodes just because she spreads the news that he's got a small dick. His father gets him to whore her out to pay for his private school. But in the end the leading ladies are all on a sort of aphrodisiac and just can't get fucked often enough.

Coming For My Girls. The guy's got four or five girls in his mini-harem. That's a theme I come back to a lot: a guy with lots of girls who like to get laid a lot. These are a little different because they don't care which of them gets laid as long as they can be nearby to get his radioed orgasm. I have a near-rape in this one, but at posting time didn't want anything as nasty as a rape. Maybe I should have just let them go ahead and rape her, but the fact they stopped in time does lend interest.

Eve's Daughters and Eden In Harmony. Boy and girl have to repopulate a whole new world. A lovely fantasy for me. The guy is the only male for a long time, so he has to make love to his daughters (poor thing). What's more, if they don't get mated regularly they get sick and die. He had to, Your Honor, he didn't have any choice! Another virtual harem. All that sex with the daughters puts a strain on his marriage -- which is a pretty nice love story actually, as I see it. Eden In Harmony is the sequel where the pedo creeps in. A few of the little tykes are horny as hell, and the grown-ups have to let them have their sex so they can finally make boys. I love this story pair (the first one best). Tear-jerker qualities, a little.

Enlightened Sluttery. Kind of a downer for a title. This has a pair of little girls who are abused but find their power and take control. I love little girls, and like making them into powerful characters who are noble and good. Women take over the country by giving the men great sex -- or withholding it. Maybe guys really would rather have lots of terrific pussy than run the world? I think it's a great story. It interests me that not enough people on SOL voted on it to make the vote visible! At this writing, stuck at 15 votes. That means either they either didn't finish it or else didn't know what the heck they thought of it. I like it pretty much.

Every Two Minutes (ASSTR only). Here it's the guys who get sick if they can't regularly fuck a girl who's right near puberty when she's fertile. Such girls are naturally pretty scarce, so the poor things are sperm receptacles in an assembly line. How well could girls actually adjust to that in a society where it was routine? I tried to explore the issue.