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GAH! I hate goofs!

December 2, 2010
Posted at 10:03 am

I know mistakes are made in writing stories on SOL. Usually I can figure out the mistake and read through it. But when it's your own story, you sometimes want to tear your hair out.

Maybe it's an overreaction on my end, but I hated a goof I made in the most recent story "Melissa's First Day". About a quarter way down is a situation involving Melissa, and a young husband and wife. The problem was this was prefaced as a mother and her young son. It was originally written as for a four-year-old, referencing what Melissa's boss had mentioned. However, I was not comfortable in letting Melissa pet a four-year-old penis this early in the series. I'd like to have more public stories before adding more filtered stories. So the section was rewritten for the customer's husband. I just hope I made that clear. Melissa will have more fun at some future time. But I wasn't ready to let her have it.

I'm not sure exactly what's up next, story wise. The "Edenton High" and "Erin" series will continue. One idea I've been thinking is a Labor Day picnic with Shannon and the Greenes. Both series are, timeline-wise, at the Labor Day weekend going into the third week. The pace should pick up a little bit now, not concentrating so much on the day-to-day. But still tell highlights about who's having sex or doing whom.

Hope you all have a great week!