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Reflections after a year of posting stories

November 30, 2010
Posted at 8:46 pm

Hmmm. I guess people do read author blogs. A number of people went so far as to tell me so. Maybe I'll try writing here more.

After over a year of posting stories, I (Sterling) in this and follow-up posts will reflect on what the heck I have been up to, from my point of view. First, for a little humility, I realize that even people who like to read a story of mine now and then might not have any interest in this self-reflection. I really do get that. :-)

There's one big distinction in my stories: The ones I posted in 2009 were with the attitude, "here's a cool idea, if you like it fine, if not, too bad". Since then I've put a lot more effort into the writing craft. So adjust your expectations accordingly, depending on which year you are reading. There were a lot of stories in 2009 partly because I had been writing without posting since March, and partly because I didn't put much effort into polishing them (the newer ones are also on average much longer).

Almost all my stories are on StoriesOnline, but they are all on ASSTR. How did that happen? I started posting on ASSTR before I knew about SOL. When I found out about SOL and shifted my main focus over here (where people actually give you feedback), I copied over a bunch of the old stories, but some didn't quite resonate with me at the time, and they got left behind. The stories that remain only at ASSTR at present are: "Agony With a Purpose", "Bulls And Nymphs", "Every Two Minutes", and "The Centaurots Teach Multiplication". Now I'm reluctant to copy them unless I am inspired to take the time to improve the writing quality. Maybe it's not rational, but that's the way it is for now. An interesting idea would be to post them here backdated, if such were possible.

When I started on SOL I had a second identity, "Song Sparrow". The plan was to use that identity for my non-pedo stories and "Sterling" for the pedo ones. The fear was that publishing with the pedo code would make people dislike Sterling enough to block all his stories or give them "1" scores. Song Sparrow's image would stay clean, and every story there could get a fair shake. But in fact I as Sterling have gotten very little hate mail, and a reliable source told me that I am currently a blocked author for a total of four (4) premier members. Also, I found I wasn't publishing anything as Song Sparrow anyway, so I folded them together and let the sparrow fly away. :-)

If there was anyone who desperately wanted to read every word I've posted on SOL and who relied on "last modified" to catch everything, said person would have missed the Song Sparrow stories, as they were moved over without changing dates. The only stories posted there were (I think) "Baby Visions", "Coming For My Girls", "The Water's Edge", and "Well Endowed".

My longest story is under 200K. So far I have not written a single sequel -- except in three cases where the sequel is written at the same time as the original story. In those cases I divided them because pedophilia came into the story in the middle. I wanted to let the pedo-squickable appreciate the base story. Maybe I will write a true sequel some day (I've started a couple times) but so far I get more excited by pursuing a new idea than piggybacking on an old one.

In the next blog post (or two? or three? What granularity?) I'll go through the list of my stories alphabetically with a synopsis-level comment, unless I get lots of rotten tomatoes or suggestions for other ways to go about it.

I'm a little reluctant to put these up only as blog entries, since they will get deleted in two years, and to the extent they're worth anything at all, I think they still might be of interest into the indefinite future. (As one fellow author put it, "Just think how heart-warming it is to know that people will be jerking off to our stories for decades to come.") I'm kind of tempted to gather up this one-year reflection stuff and post it in the form of a story so it will stay with the permanent record.