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Some big changes going on

November 29, 2010
Posted at 11:19 am

Yep, I've already made some changes to the story structures within Edenton.

"Edenton" has spun off so many stories it's become quite fractured. So as a series, there's not much left of "Edenton". However, after a little subtraction, there's a lot of additions.

"Erin's Naked Fifth Grade" is now a series. It really should have been from the beginning. The first story will close on the Friday after the PTA meeting. Future series stories include her naked band concert, a fall school carnival, naked Thanksgiving, as well as the annual Christmas concert. Doing this as a series of short stories will let me post them faster instead of having to wait to write a week's worth. I can also intersperse "Naked Party" and "Tales from the Sex Room" stories without having to remember if it was mentioned here or there.

The same is being done with "Edenton High". Now subtitled "The Beginning", the story will end with the next week's activities. There will be two volleyball games, as well as a football game. I have not chosen what cities Edenton will be playing yet.

Now, there is something NEW! And it was this new series that led to the changes for Erin and Shannon. The new series is "McDowell's". It's loosely based on my adventures in retail. Very loosely based. Well, I've never worked naked in my life. And I've never had sex at work. The series starts with the hiring of Melissa Newman, who lives in nearby Rialto, California. She's been out of work for several months, while pursuing a job in the arts. Out of luck, she turns to the internet. She applies to several retailers over the Net. The McDowell's in Edenton calls. Yup! Nude girls! Nude guys! And soon, SEX!

A couple of people have wondered where Edenton was supposed to be located. Look at Mapquest for Arrowhead Farms, CA and up towards Devore, near Rialto and San Bernardino. That's about where Edenton would be. Now you know.

Sorry for getting long winded. Hope you all have a great week!