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Alrighty! You all are due an update!

November 26, 2010
Posted at 2:44 pm

And I have some good news. Erin's adventure is coming to the end of the third week. The big highlight of the week, among others, is the first PTA meeting of the year. I don't know the last time anyone has ever seen this much skin at one time.

At this point in Erin's story, there's only a few major events for the rest of the semester and the year. So, other than hookups, this story might advance faster. Any stories about the "Sex Room" or "Naked Parties" can be placed with the appropriate subject.

Shannon's story will continue through next year. With all of the sports games, I feel it won't be quite as repetitive. And, again, there will be all sorts of spin off stories that can be found.

Hope you all have a great weekend!