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explaining Kraven

November 24, 2010
Posted at 7:55 am

I've had some questions about Kraven, and so I thought I'd explain a few things to you about him.

1. He's lived most of the last seven years alone in the wilds of Alaska. On the razor's edge where one misstep can lead to death.

2. He's kind to ladies, children, and animals. The rest of the human race can go fuck themselves most of the time.

3. He's shaken the dust of civilization off of his feet, and lives by the following code.
Never harm or rape an innocent woman.
Never lay hands on another man's kith and kin.
Never call a man a liar or a cheat.
Never steal.
Never break a promise, no matter what it may be.
A man always stands against evil and those who do it.
A man never stands for being called what he's not.
You don't pet a rabid animal, you shoot it.
Use a man's fear against him, and show no mercy towards two legged animals that do evil.
Overwhelming force of violence always gets the message across.
If you do it, make damn sure you do it right the first time.
Make sure you are in the right, and keep coming no matter what.
Be careful what you say about a man and his ways.
leave those alone who leave you alone.

A man told me before I started writing that 'a man knows right from wrong, and those who do wrong to a man deliberately only understand brute force.'
This story is pure fiction, and Kraven is a throwback to two hundred years in the past, when a man's word was law, and he enforced it himself. Take a look back when a man knew he'd die for laying hands on a good woman, or stealing a man's hard earned money, and tell me we still have justice in this country. As William W. Johnstone's Characters are fond of saying. "He'll damn sure not get out of the grave to do it again now will he?"

Let me just say one thing in closing. If you don't like the story, then don't read it.