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November 23, 2010
Posted at 3:54 pm

Semi finals

Well, it looks like TWINS! 8 votes for twins, one boy and one girl, 4 votes for just a girl, 2 for a boy. Suggested names for the girl are: Desire, (my fave), Jasmine, Larissa, Zoe, Cindy, Cathy, and Tru. The only boy name suggested was Liam, so I'll go with that. For the girl, asking people to pick between, Desire, Jasmine, and Larissa. And since i have a fetish for redheads, yes she will be a redhead. Both of them will be bisexual, and switches. I'm having fun, this is going in a very different direction from what i intended. Thank you all of you! Hope to hear from you.