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New "Erin" chapter in the works.

November 8, 2010
Posted at 11:36 pm

Fans have waited long enough as "Edenton High" was being written. I've begun both new "Erin's Naked Fifth Grade" and "Edenton High" chapters.

"Erin" continues to follow the school adventures of Erin Jensen and her many friends and classmates. As the third week of school begins, the "Sex Room" has two new monitors and is now open before and after school, which means Erin can screw anyone in the school. And you can bet she's taking advantage. More to come as the chapter is finished.

A minor note related to chapter structure: Invariably, I've seen underlines in stories to help aid in reading. I've used them twice to separate story casts from the stories themselves. I've decided starting with these chapters to use them to break up the days, and hopefully make it more readable.

Have a great week!