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Brides 3

November 7, 2010
Posted at 5:05 am

Hey all,
Working on breeding Brides three at the moment. It's a story i did years ago and was my first collaboration with another writer (Haley Bishop). Sometimes it's difficult to find someone who understands what your characters are like, what your niche is and sticks to stuff they'd be willing to do. We had that and were sending edits back and forth to each other every week or so for months. Was a lot of fun and we ended up with with one my most popular gangbang stories.

As you'll know if you read my stuff, i never flag a story as finished. Every time you go over matirial you find mistakes or things you'd like to change. It's actually pretty hot to do as well, moreso than starting a story from fresh. The central character Kathy is probably the one closest to my heart. She's the hub of what i build most of my wives around with great looks and a perverse twist.

It shouldn't be too much longer and i hope you'll enjoy the re-working.