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Thank you!

November 4, 2010
Posted at 7:09 am

I'd like to thank everyone who has emailed me about 'Act Naturally'. As I've said many times in the past, hearing from the readers does encourage me to post more.

Lets be realistic here, the download count of any tale means - and tells writers -- very little about how it's been received by the readership. Especially as (on average) only something like ten or fifteen percent of recorded downloads, result in the readers bothering to register a vote (or score) on the story. It's highly possible (in fact more than likely) that the other 'downloaders' don't even finish reading the story. Although some of course, will be folks returning to read the tale again. Whatever I can assure you that those short feedback emails, keep me (and many other writers) posting on the site.

Oh yeah, there are a few folks who request that we don't post any further stories as well; but no one can do anything about the kill-joys of this world. Writing to me, equates as having fun; about the only real fun I have left in life at present. Shit, have you seen what they've done to TV in they UK. We've gone from five channels, on where (with a little luck) you could find something interesting to watch most evenings. To numerous channels showing the same programmes over and over and over again. Oh, I personally refuse point blank, to pay to watch incessant advertising.

Anyway I'm getting on my high horse here, (better watch my step), let's return to what this little blog was supposed to be about; thanking folks for their feedback emails. And apologising for not acknowledging them immediately.

I'm struggling a little to prepare another tale for posting today, so my time is being spent elsewhere. All those emails have been read and I will be getting back to you all (or order) as time allows.