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Halloween week postings

October 25, 2010
Posted at 9:06 am

Normally I start posting a story on Monday, and I'm aware that many of my readers look for posts on Monday, but not on other days. Halloween week is going to be a little non standard, though, so I thought I'd do a blog entry on that.

There are actually two stories coming out this week.

The first is a twisted fairy tale about Rapunzel. As a nod to those readers who whine and moan about my penchant for the cliff hangers I love to inflict on them, I'm posting both chapters of it on Monday. Please note: I left the cliff hanger in at the end of chapter one. I just didn't make you wait to go on this time.

You're welcome.

But then there is a story I wrote just for Halloween, and that is being proofread as I write these words. Obviously I can't wait to start posting it until next Monday, because the would be after Halloween. And, since that story starts before Halloween, and then goes past it, that's how I'm going to post it as well. So I hope I can post the first chapter on Wednesday, with the chapter that actually describes what happens on Halloween (in the story) on Friday. Then, the following Monday you'll get to see what happens to the characters in real time, so to speak.

Of course that's just how I'm thinking about it now, before the thing has even been broken down into chapters. I don't even know how many chapters there will be.

But it would be cool if it works out that way.

Will it?

Can intrepid Bob manage to make a real time posting match with real time?

What will happen if he doesn't?

More importantly, what will happen if he does? Will readers become confused with what is reality and what is fiction? Will zombies grope each other in the dark, instead of searching for fresh brains?

Tune in Wednesday to find out!

See what happens when I feel compelled to waste a perfectly good cliffhanger in Rapunzel? Nature is all about balance, you know.

Thanks for reading.