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October 10, 2010
Posted at 4:56 am

Doom sequel

I have just submitted the first half of "The Wanderer" for posting. It is the direct sequel to "The Doom of Immortality" and is told in the first person from the point of view of the monk from Doom. It tells of his journey towards enlightenment and the interesting beings he meets along the way. You will notice there is a "Minimal Sex" code. I labeled it that just to be safe as I am still unsure how the story will end and there is implied sex "off-screen" between the monk and someone he encounters along the way in the first part. You have to really look for it or you will probably miss the implication. Enjoy and look for the finale soon.

Now, as for those who are clamoring for a sequel to the Blue Man storyline, I may, may, try to come up with something. As I stated in my last blog, that storyline was really meant to end in tragedy for Liani's family about two centuries later. When I thought up the story it was mainly to explain how Akikara became known as Akikara the Mad. I guess I did too good a job trying to write an adventure story with a likable female character. I have gotten several e-mails asking for more and it sent my mind spinning past the roadblocks I put up in my mind when I finished that story. I will give it some thought as I finish up "The Wanderer" and I may either try to expand Blue Man or start on the next story I have planned about the Am'mortal Iessa the Blind. We will see how I feel after I finish the Wandering One's tale.