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October 8, 2010
Posted at 10:46 pm


I have gotten some nice feedback on "The Blue Man" and I think I should address some of it. Most have asked me to either write a sequel or continue the storyline. There are two problems with this:

1. The stories in the Universe are all in the same world but generally most are unrelated in time, space, and characters. There are exceptions to this, including the next story I am currently working on finishing, which is a direct sequel of Doom.

2. The storyline of "The Blue Man" does not end well. Those of you who have read "Timeline of the History of Qaryesh t'Marne" know that Akikara begins terrorizing the race that takes over the island from the Peistis a several generations after the story ends for good reasons. To continue the storyline in the same time as "The Blue Man" would not be interesting and to do so a significantly long time afterward would turn the story into a tragedy rather than the adventure it was intended.

My intention for this Universe when I conceived it was to pick stories about the Am'mortal that would highlight their characters and illustrate how each of the 100 Am'mortal interact with their world. For some of these characters, their stories are far less interesting than others. "The Blue Man" is one of the Am'mortal with one of the more colorful stories. The next post will be a first person sequel to "The Doom of Immortality" that will show what the monk from Doom did after leaving the last gathering of the remnants of the Human race. After that I will jump ahead in history again to a story roughly 3,000 years after Doom involving a blind Am'mortal sorceress and genocide.
Anyway, that is the housekeeping for this week and I hope you continue to enjoy the stories that come your way. And I thank those of you who sent the constructive comments, they help a lot by letting me know how what I am doing is being received and what I can adjust to make things better.

P. S. Thanks to the reader who let me know that "The Blue Man" was not marked as in the Am'mortal Universe. It is fixed now.