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My lack of humility

July 6, 2005
Posted at 12:24 pm

With the posting of "Who The Hell Is B.O.B.?" I have opened that can of worms called "My my, he sure is proud of himself, isn't he?" Now I wouldn't want you all to think I had a big head or anything, so here's the deal: The forward about the Dirty Girls is true. And I've gotten mail in the past that said things like "I have a sister and she's cute, maybe she'll do that with me." So this story gave me an opportunity to wax philosophical (I majored in Philosophy) about how some things can be cool as a fantasy, that are rarely, if ever, cool as attempted reality.
So I just wanted to kind of put my philosophy out there to hang in the wind, so to speak.
And all that stuff in there about how hot my stories are? People have actually said that! I am NOT lying here! I saved BOTH of those emails, and if you don't believe me I'll actually SEND them to you!

As always, thanks for reading.