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Claire - Chapter 46

October 6, 2010
Posted at 7:19 am
Updated: October 7, 2010 - 12:13 pm

Claire is back!

My apologies for the delay, again, in bringing forward her story. Sometimes the characters in a story just won't let things go and that delayed this chapter of Claire for a while.

For those reading other of my stories, or not, "The Convent" just had too much material that needed to be written and it took a while before I could set that down for a bit and bring Claire back to life.

For those who really got upset with me because of delays that started the middle of August, I was very sick and laid up for six weeks. I tried to write but just didn't have much energy. I'm not back to 100% yet, as if I'll ever be, but I'm getting close.

So, anyway, things should be more regular now with added chapters to Claire. My goal is to have two additional chapters done by the end of this weekend. (Perhaps 3 - We'll see!)

As for now, Jim and Claire are stopped for lunch with Bill Senior and his clan before starting the last leg of the trip from San Francisco to Reno.