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An answer to anonymous

October 5, 2010
Posted at 1:12 am

I got this anonymous feedback on Any Soldier:

to me

show details 11:15 PM (49 minutes ago)

For the first time in a long time she felt
everything was fine in her life, and that now that
she had Bob with her, nothing else could go wrong.

She was, of course, mistaken

I hate you authors when you do stuff like the
above. Just let me read the story without making
me try to think what in the hell you have thought
to do to your poor hero.
Anyway thats my comment on this story. Just let
it develop and let me read it that.

I couldn't send you an answer back, because you didn't leave me an address to send it to. So I'll answer it here.

I like cliffhangers and I use them all the time. I do it intentionally. I grew up going to the Bijou on Saturday to watch Buck Rogers, and at the end of every single episode there was a cliff hanger.

So here's the deal. Stop reading my books. You don't enjoy them, so go spend your time doing something you do enjoy. Maybe you could find something in life to hate that's really worth hating, like poverty, or hunger, or homelessness, or the plight of soldiers with TBI who can't hold down a job.

It's really quite easy. Just stop reading my stories.

You'll be a lot happier.

Come to think of it, I will be too.

Have a nice day.

Thanks for not reading.