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September 17, 2010
Posted at 11:29 am

Asking questions...

I think I can speak for most authors when I say, we love feedback and the interaction with our readers when they take interest in our work. That being said, I received several brilliant questions the other day that I was excited to respond to, only the email was sent anonymously. Two points: I can't answer questions without an email addy to respond to, and your email addy will never be divulged to anyone ever. My response to your question is, "you're a mind reader", that's where I was going next. The second part of your message about the expanded tummy thing would only work up to the point where the pressures would equalize. You have to remember the uterus is a pretty tight ball of muscle and it would take a great deal of force to expand it, so although I love the idea, I can't see how it would work to the point you're suggesting. Thanks for asking though, I like the way you think!