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Half Lilin Chapter 5 Complaints and Chapter 6 postings.

September 14, 2010
Posted at 4:06 am

First of all, I'd like to thank all readers who commented on my half lilin stories. It's always good to hear from readers.

Here I would like to address the complaints a couple of readers had with chapter 5. As has been correctly assumed by the commenters, chapter 5 was meant to be read as if seen from my own eyes. I do admit though, that the style of narration could've been better. For that, I apologize and will resolve to revise that chapter soon.

I shall probably need to do some research on how to make my transitions better. So if you any readers would like to help by pointing out what you consider as good transitions, or what you thought I should've done with the chapter, then please kindly send me an email pointing me in that direction.

I am also sorry to inform that chapter 5 was actually finished a couple months ago. It's kinda embarrassing, but probably, it's either that the transfer didn't go through or I simply forgot to post it. My brain's rather dead nowadays. I only realized my error when a reader sent me an email asking me when Chapter 5 will come out.

Due to this, when I uploaded Chapter 5, Chapter 6 was already finished and was only waiting for proofreading. There is a lot less fighting in this chapter, but there is a lot more revealing. Try to read through the previous chapters and try to guess the answers to the mysteries of:
1) Who is the werewolf?
2) What did Little Vicky mean about Mr and Ms Cars?
3) What happened to Vicky?
4) Who saved Ilyse at the end of the previous Half Lilin book?
5) Which angel saved Little Vicky and Tell at the parking lot?

The answers presented may not be in this chapter, but the clues are presented here. See if you can guess at the answers. Then drop me a mail telling me your guesses. Could be a fun pastime, don't you think?

Again, thank you all for reading and extra thanks to those who sent feedbacks, even those negative, but very helpful ones. Hey, I'm not choosy.