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More on the Hot Tub Series

September 12, 2010
Posted at 1:58 am

I'm very happy with the response that the series has been getting. Emily seems to have struck a chord with readers (primarily men!).

There have been a few readers, however who find themselves turned off by the fact that Emily and her "family" use marijuana from time to time, and that the most recent installment has them using psilocybin as well. I want to assure them that the family will not become rabid druggies. The question is: is the drug element necessary to the story at all?

I think it is. First, remember that the stories take place in a college setting, with intellectually curious people of unconventional mores. From my own experience with such people, in such settings, it is ludicrous to think that they wouldn't be exposed to drugs, and to believe that they wouldn't be using them recreationally. Second, the use of "magic mushrooms" allows them to explore areas of their psyches that would otherwise be hidden, and to confront those areas in a positive, mutually supportive way. True, their behavior takes them outside conventional norms, but it is totally consistent with their own love for each other and their wish to express that love on as many levels as possible. At their core, they are sensible people, and show it by using those drugs in moderation, staying in control of the situation and trusting the others to watch their backs.

But there will be readers who will be dismayed at any mention of drugs, on any level. So be it. That's why I put a warning in the description of the latest story. Please bear in mind that we authors write these stories for free, and that our sole compensation is the feedback we get from readers, good or bad, and the freedom to tell our stories the way we want to tell them.