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It's just porn

September 9, 2010
Posted at 10:34 pm

Growing Up Audrey is a porn story. I got a number of emails, like ten of them, asking me basically "Where's the rache story that we've come to expect from rache since you're rache and always manage to come up with something rachey?"

It's just porn. Stories Online is a porn site and I'm really under no obligation to write anything else. So, anyone looking for any weird rache stuff will be disappointed because if I did rache stuff all the time it would just become ordinary and common and nobody would ever appreciate it. See? It's necessary to a story like "Hit 'n Run" to pen the occasional middle of the road meaningless porn trivia that any one of a thousand other writers could pen while laying in a hospital practically dying of Dengue Fever.

That's true, btw. I had Dengue and I still have it, actually, but after a week in the hospital they decided I could suffer at home. I want to thank the people who dropped me get well wishes, I appreciate it. I really did think I was dying for a couple hours there. It was bad.

Anyway, hmmm...Oh! Growing Up Audrey. It's just porn and if you're not into teenage sluts, then you should skip it. In fact, I think everyone should skip it. Why are you guys reading it? See? This is why I wrote and posted it. I look at the new stories list and it's so depressing! God! There is some real crap floating around and I thought I'd post some too. How hard can it be? Not very apparently. I can do it without even drinking!

I better stop now. I'm in kind of a bad mood. It has to do with this amazing headache that will not go away. It hurts a lot and I don't want to take it out on you guys...except I already did!! heh! Don't read the story. It's just boring porn.