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September 8, 2010
Posted at 9:25 am

Well, after the minor hurricane that Losing In Vegas was, the dust has finally settled and I can see the screen again, which means I've been typing my little fingers off.

I know, I know. For you purists, it is keyboarding my little fingers off. For that matter my fingers aren't little. In fact, I like to call them lady pleasers.

But maybe that's more information than you wanted.

Anyway, there are two stories in the works. One is an Uncle Bob story of a sort and, if Peaches can find the time, is ready to be edited. She wants to edit this one. It's just a matter of finding time. She's a busy mom. So don't look for that one until roughly October. That's just a wild guess. I dont' know what it's going to be titled yet. Some stories are easier to give a title to than others.

The other one is called Any Soldier. It was finished last night, and was sent to Michelle for proofreading, but hasn't been broken down into chapters. It's a fairly long one, but I don't know how many chapters yet. I do know it's more than 300k long, but that's like saying it's blzzdeie in length. At least to me.

The problem is that there is a project I need to go take care of next week, so I'm not going to be home to post anything.

So for those of you who pay attention to these things, I'm guessing that I'll start posting Any Soldier on September 20th. It starts very ugly, because there is ugliness in the world. But it's a love story.

Now, in the just for fun category, I have to share something with you. Some of you may know that there were some readers over at a site called who liked my work, as posted at SOL, or on my web site, or at The Kristen Archives, which I posted at a long time ago but don't any more. They liked my work so much that they posted it at, except I guess they couldn't spell my name right as the author. So they just used their own names instead. I guess they didn't want to hurt my feelings by spelling my name wrong.

Anyway, several alert readers let me know about this, and I went to this site and sure enough, there were some of my stories, word for word (including some misspellings I had somehow missed fixing).

But it wasn't all bad, depending on if you are a glass half full kind of person, like I am. That's because these stories were among the most popular ones at the site. At that site all you can do in terms of voting is vote positive or negative, and these had lots of positive votes.

I'm not just tooting my horn here. Bear with me.

Readers can also leave comments at the end of a story, and those comments are public. Anybody can see them.

So I wrote to the webmaster and explained the situation, and gave him SOL links to the original stories and we got that all squared away. But to keep it from happening again, I decided to just post all my short stories there. This isn't a long story kind of site. Trust me on that.

And I started getting comments on the stories.

You know you've hit it big when your story becomes a billboard for people to put comments on that have nothing to do with the story. Or almost nothing. Here's one of my favorite examples. This is a comment on The Teacher's Conference.

Good story really sexy.......IF THERE ARE ANY WOMEN READING THIS AND ARE HORNY AND LOOKING FER A YOUNG TEENAGER TO HAV A GOOD TIME WITH.. i am a 18 yearold teen looking for a good time ...i am 6'3 brown hair talll and mucscular i would love to exspierence an older women like a milf but any women who wants to get to know me a little better email me at

How cool is it that I got four actual words out of this guy about my actual story?!

Now you understand why I said this isn't a long story kind of place.

Thanks for reading.

Oh yes ... I almost forgot. If there are any MILFy bitches out there, who are so hard up that they're willing to write to a complete stranger, I strongly encourage you to just stuff chilldude's mailbox, because he's really hard up too. I bet he's lonely. In fact, I bet he doesn't have enough to read. Maybe it would be nice to send him something even if you're not a super horny MILF who desperately needs a strange, tall, mucscular (possibly) male. So in tne interests of human kindness, might I dare to suggest that you forward him all that mail you don't have time to review carefully ... you know ... the mail in that Super Private Advertising Mail folder you have? Maybe he needs a watch or something too. And with all the hot MILFs who are going to be beating down his door, he obviously needs something to make his penis gigantic and permanently stiff too.

It would be the nice thing to do, don't you think?