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I may be as Fucked as my story

September 2, 2010
Posted at 6:01 pm

My parents, God rest their souls, were kind enough to leave their house to my brother and my sister, leaving me without a place to live. I'm sure they never envisioned what would come of it, but there you go. When my sister fell down her stairs and broke her neck her will left her part of the house to her sons. Neither of them were crazy enough to move in with my brother but when I became homeless they gave me permission to live in the house too.

I know there is a God, because only he could have thought up a more prickly situation. I have two brothers in fact. One lives in Plano. He is the youngest and seems to have good sense. My other brother, the middle child, is a turd. Now he had decided he isn't going to pay anything toward the utilities any longer. I wouldn't worry about it if not for my daughter staying here with me, but she seems to think we need electricity and running water. I know good and well I could wait my brother out, but my daughter thinks we can't get along without the electricity and running water.

Frankly I don't know what I'm going to do about it. With only one leg now I can't even drive a truck any longer. Well, I can drive one but people who hire you for such expect you to have a license and with one leg I don't qualify any longer. I expect everything to get better in November when I can sign up for Social Security. I'm getting SSI now and can nearly make it on that so I should be ok when the regular Social Security kicks in. Then again, maybe not.

Oh well, that's enough of my pissing and moaning for now.