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99+ out of a 100 readers agree...

August 30, 2010
Posted at 1:41 pm

"At the County Clerk's Office" sucks big time. Okay! I get the point. Stop rubbing it in. After six and a half years on the site, this story is suddenly getting a lot of downloads. Inexplicable! I mean, just look at the scores. Why would anyone in his right mind want to read this trash? Except to be mean? And get the low scores even lower? I mean it hung in the mid-fours for years and it's in the high threes. That's just plain cruel.

For the two or three people who have actually enjoyed the story and told me so, the story will remain. Therefore, I have decided to forbid any more reading and voting on this story. You think I'm joking? I mean it! No more reading this story. No more voting on it. I am the master. You will obey. Thank you very much for your attention.