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What has he done!?

August 24, 2010
Posted at 10:32 am
Updated: August 24, 2010 - 12:07 pm

Okay. Everybody take a breath. That's it. In with the good ... out with the bad.

So many of you have asked why I wrote Losing In Vegas that I'll explain.

In the traditional cuckold/coersion story, the husband is a wimp, and the wife evolves as dominant over him, but subservient to the Alpha male(s) in the story. The wimp stays a wimp, getting only table scraps and being content with that.

At least that's the way I see them.

Now I don't know any of these wimp husbands. I've met some dominant women, but never any who didn't want to be dominant over all the men in their lives. Well, that's not true. I've met some very dominent women who choose to be subservient to their husband. But that's usually for cultural or religious reasons.

In other words, at least to my knowledge, I've never met a wimp husband, or a woman who behaves like the ones do in traditional cuckold/coersion stories. That's not saying they don't exist. I just haven't ever met any of them.

So I wondered what would happen if you put the kind of people I have met, into the plot of that kind of story.

I have met a lot of men who are driven by their own belief that they are the smartest, and best, and should therefore be the most successful. Look at just about any politician, for example. "I voted my conscience," is an oft said remark that is supposed to make the public have confidence in him. Never mind he was elected to represent the people, not his conscience. But that's how they think. They just think they know best.

And I have met a lot of women who got the "Let's choose a mate" game wrong. Scientists tell us that women look on a subconscious level for certain qualities in a potential mate. In the good old days, that meant the successful hunter, or the strong guy, or the guy who could run fastest or whatever. What modern culture has done is frost the glass through which women see potential mates. If a guy has lots of money, it skews things, because she might think that lots of money makes him a good pick. But money can vanish, and then what do you have?

Anyway, I wanted to put what I consider normal people into this plot environment and see if it could be made to work out.

So John was the typical type A personality who wasn't aware of anybody but himself because he was the brightest and best. He saw women as conquests, because he saw himself as a conquerer.

I let Amanda make the initial bad choice because it was necessary to the plot. If you read the story, you'll note that he said he might have worn her down.

But she wasn't an ignorant, weak or stupid woman. She was just a woman who had picked the wrong man to be her mate. I know a lot of women who marry men they know are flawed, because they think they can change them.

So these two end up in this situation. She's already been given some blinding clues that this man she married isn't really thinking about her, or her happiness. He's not a wimp, but he sees the underpinnings of his entire self image dissolving. He firmly believes he's a winner, and the only way for him to win in this situation is for his wife to have a little sex with a stranger. It's something he's been doing for years - having a little sex with strangers.

Know any men like that?

Of course you do.

But she's in a world of hurt too. She's given up the lease on her apartment. She's heartbroken because the man she thought she loved has just thrown that love away. She is faced with either going back to nothing, or trying to salvage something out of the situation.

Know any women who have faced that situation?

Of course you do.

So the love she had for him is already dead. It's not buried yet, but it has expired. Now her will to survive kicks in and, with it, the search for a new mate.

Ladies, plese don't write and remind me vociferously that a man is not a requirement to survive in today's world. I'm talking biology here, and today's world hasn't evolved that out of the majority of women yet. Okay?

So the first thing she does is try to secure a stake. Then, when presented with choices of men, she chooses the one she has something in common with. He is heartbroken too. They share some initial understanding of the world. The fact that he is physically opposites of her isn't as important as the fact that he meets other prerequisites on the biological front.

Then she finds out this new man actually respects her. Now there's a plus, particularly since the last man in her life didn't, and got her into this mess in the first place. Hence the last line of the story, by the way.

Now you have to ignore the fact that she mysteriously decides she wants to have Chuck's baby. That's just my kink. I know it doesn't make any sense, but my fantasy is that every woman mysteriously wants to have my baby. Silly old me, I know, but it's who I am and is a signature part of my writing. It's also why I'll hever amount to much in the world of real literature, but I do this for fun and challenge, as I'm trying to explain here.

Anway, now she begins to shape her own future. Instead of settling for status as a victim, she takes charge, adapting to the environment she finds herself in and getting from it what she needs to survive in the future. That's the money and revenge, not Chuck. Not at this point.

I had her choose the plot she chose because it's a common plot that makes no sense normally. What brand new bride is so hot to trot that when her husband gets drunk she's willing to fuck the best man, father-in-law or bellboy instead? I mean really.

But if the husband has been found unsuitable in a very real manner, might the woman want to punish him with giving away what she now understands he married her for in the first place? Might not the "bride chooses other man" scenario be made sensible under the right circumstances?

And what if the man she gives it away to just happens to care about her own enjoyment? Suddenly she is being treated like her husband should have treated her. Chuck's comments about how she should feel on her honeymoon were spot on. That's why she wrote them that way. That was how she wanted to feel on her honeymoon ... how she tried to feel ... how she could have felt had she chosen the right man.

And suddenly she is exposed to these things she had only hoped for before. Her hopes had been dashed, only to rise from the ashes during the filming of something she would never have normally chosen to do. That's my attempt at irony.

Okay, I realize that's where there has to be some suspension of disbelief - that she can fall in love with Chuck under these circumstances. But it is fiction, after all, and if I wrote it well, then maybe that could happen.

So now is when hubby realizes he really has lost something in Vegas, something much more valuable than money. He lost her. She was the prize, and he had the gold ring in his hand, only to toss it away thoughtlessly.

Now that was unabashedly my attempt to be clever, concerning the title of the story. What do you usually lose in Vegas? Money. What did he lose in Vegas? Her.

So in this exercise, instead of a man debasing himself voluntarily, and the woman suddenly becoming a slut for strange men whose only aim is getting as much sex as they can from married pussy, I tried to forge a tale of justice, where the resolution is better for everyone. He learned his lesson and became a better man, even if he would always remember what he had lost. She moved on to choose a mate that was better suited for her needs.

Finally, I made the chapters short so that there would be a hurried feel to the whole thing. That's because people in this situation don't have time to think things out, and the decisions they make in a rush may be bad ones. I wanted the reader to feel rushed too.

And yet, I tried to write it much like a traditional story of that genre.

I know that part was successful, because a lot of people hated this story, which means they saw it as a traditional rendering of a story of that genre. They even said things like "I hate this kind of story, but I read it anyway thinking you would change it."

Well I tried to change it. Maybe I wasn't good at doing that. Maybe It wasn't well written. I can take the hit for that.

I just wanted you all to know that it was well thought out, even if it wasn't well written.

Thanks for reading.