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August 20, 2010
Posted at 12:40 pm

Feedback on my stories

I have received a lot of email criticizing my two stories. Of all of the feedback, only three people bothered to explain the issue that concerned them, which I very much appreciate, and am really grateful that they took the trouble to explain their issue.

One reader pointed out that my quote in The Cookies was from Karl Marx, not Barack Obama. I know that Karl Marx originated this quote, but I was fairly sure that I heard candidate Obama express the same sentiment during his campaign. But this email made me want to make sure that I was being accurate. So I spend a couple of hours listening to various speeches that candidate Obama had made. He did indeed run on a platform of increased wealth redistribution, and expressed the sentiments in the quote many times. So I do not feel that I am maligning Barack Obama. He is proud of his stand, and makes no secret about it.

Another reader felt that I was grouping liberals with communists, and using guilt by association, just as many liberals try to group conservatives with nazis. The problem here is that I never once used the term Communist. In fact, I avoided any of the inflammatory issues that I could have raised. I simply focused on wealth redistribution, which is a socialist liberal issue. BTW, if there is any liberal that is not in favor of wealth redistribution, please let me know, and I will issue a public apology to you, since I am presuming that all liberals are in favor of wealth redistribution.

Another reader felt that the story line used in My Daughter's Awakening was an old rehash. He said he found the same basic plot in a story posted over a decade ago. That does not surprise me, since many parents must be dismayed to send their kids off to college and have them return as brainwashed socialists. Funny thing is, if any religion were being put forth in this manner, the school would probably fire the professor immediately. But to many of the liberal or socialist professors, their belief is just as much a religion to them, and they are easily as zealous for their socialist religion as any Muslim or Christian. Perhaps my response to my daughter was inspired by something I had previously read. I don't know. But the story related was true, and unique from my perspective, even if similar things have been reported by others.

I can't help to wonder if there is a double-standard going on here on the plot criticism department. Many people put their specific spin on various well-known themes, like cheating spouses, or daughter's friends, but they don't seem to be downgraded because they employed a well known theme. Furthermore, being similar to a story posted who-knows-where over a decade ago is not exactly beating that theme into the ground. Looks like just an excuse to downgrade the story based on the philosophy, but make it sound like a legitimate criticism.

No one critic has told me any way that I can improve my writing, any specific suggestions. Heck, they have not even pointed out a couple of typos that I discovered myself when re-reading. Now if I can just figure out how to edit the stories to correct the typos ...

Finally, most of the negative comments are something like:

"You suck"
"Fuck off"
"You daughter must have sucked the professor's cock to get an A"

Some of the rest of the quotes are too vile for me to add to my blog, but you get the picture.

I was expecting better from 'tolerant' liberals, but I guess they only are tolerant of people that share their own viewpoint.

Wait a second, isn't that the definition of 'intolerance'?