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Cause I'm a bleeding Yank, OK?

June 30, 2005
Posted at 12:00 am
Updated: June 30, 2005 - 12:03 am

I've gotten a lot of mail pointing out that, in "Jungle Virgins - The Barrister's Trial" I have messed up because only a solicitor would deliver papers. Barristers (sometimes, apparently spelled barristors) go to court and defend clients and so on. I had already addressed that in chapter two, which wasn't posted yet, but I figured I'd better say something here because people are really upset about this.
So here was my thought process: I couldn't say "The Solicitor's Trial" because solicitors DON'T GO to trial. I wanted "Trial" in the title, because of the play on words. So, in my story, the firm sent the barrister on this mission to get her killed off. She stooped to lowly solicitor business because she thought it would be a lark.

If you're still upset about it, please remember ... I'm a Yank. What did you expect?