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Mrs. Swinson's Summer Camp

August 5, 2010
Posted at 12:28 pm

I want to thank you for your comments. Telling the story was a positive experience for me, and I think it was for others, too. Most of the respondents were male, and that's fine, but there were a few women who also liked it and "bought into" my fantasy of a world where women were in complete control of their sexual identities. If it gets them thinking about how they want to bring up their daughters, so much the better.

One correspondent warned my about the hate-mail I might received from blue-noses condemning me for writing a story about the wholesale seduction of children. I'm happy to say that not one piece of mail was of that nature. I think that the SOL audience is more sophisticated than that.

Another correspondent commented: "Would the story have been as effective if the girls didn't start at age six? I have no idea at what age girls discover their sexuality, but I have no pedo tendency and six seems a little early to me."

The young age of the girls is an important story point. I can't speak for all women, but my own awareness of my sexuality came at around that age. The premise of the story is that, if girls are encouraged to develop their sexuality instead of to repress it, they'd be better able to handle their transition to puberty. The earlier that happens, the greater the success. And I should point out that the adults aren't using the children for their own sexual gratification, as pedophiles do. The counselors are there for the students and their mothers, not the other way around.