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Friends in Heat Redux

July 25, 2010
Posted at 6:05 am

After a dry spell that lasted for almost five months I had a sudden burst of new ideas and added two new chapters to my gonzo sex opera, Friends in Heat.

When I started writing Friends in Heat I had no idea that it was going to stretch over 20 chapters. I did not have a specific plot in mind either. I know. It shows!

So instead of worrying about having a plot I continued writing scenes and sequences that turned me on using the characters of my story.

Upon reviewing the previous chapters of Friends in Heat I realized that I really needed to edit and polish some of the parts. After all this was my first attempt at writing a long story and a valuable learning experience more than anything else.

The fact that my little hobby has attracted a following is just an added bonus. As I started to edit the first chapter new ideas kept popping up and I ended up doing a complete rewrite instead of the touch up that i had originally intended to do.

So what I am thinking of doing now is to leave Friends in Heat the way it is. Instead of adding new chapters and editing the previous ones I will post the revamped version of this story under a new title.

The premise of this new story will stay the same, so will the majority of characters and their names. The sex scenes will be hotter and more detailed and there will be a better flow in between chapters.

Your feedback and suggestions are welcome as always. I especially thank those of you who have voted in my favor and those who have sent me feedback.

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