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Why I write so much about pregnancy

June 26, 2005
Posted at 11:15 pm

A reader wrote to me the other day and asked what several people have asked: "Why do you mess up all your stories with pregnancy. I can't get into the story with all the worries about unwanted pregnancies and the complications of pregnancy and how it messes up people's lives."

Well, here's why:

The pregnancy stuff is my own personal kink. In real life we worry about pregnancies and all the problems they (can) cause and concerns they (can) raise. But I write FANTASY, where everything is OK and nobody is unhappy and all pregnancies work out because it's FANTASY.

I have an old saying. "Casual, meaningless sex is nothing more than complicated masturbation."

So I don't write about people having casual meaningless sex. Instead, I write about situations I WISH could be real, and that would not ruin lives and so on and so forth.

So, my advice to the guys out there who quit reading because they're 'worried' about the pregnacy issue is: Chill out. These are not blueprints for your future, they're just stories for fun, movies without pictures, fluff of the most insubstantial kind. Have fun knocking somebody up on paper and save your concerns for real life.