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New story!

July 13, 2010
Posted at 3:00 pm

I've just submitted the first chapter of Edenton High. It's a short chapter setting up the story.

"Edenton High" is advertised as the first clothing optional high school in America. It will follow a number of students and teachers as the year progresses. But we start with Shannon Gatsby, daughter of the mayor and proponent of public nudity, and her boyfriend, Keith Greene. Keith is the oldest child of Dennis and Cynthia Greene. If you're following Erin's story, you already know his sister, Kacey. He has two other brothers, Kyle and Kris.

Shannon plays volleyball, while her boyfriend is a star basketball player. And both look forward to performing on the the buff.

I've been throwing this idea in my head for a couple of months, but I'm glad I've now found the right vehicle in this story. Hopefully, the next chapter will come along soon.

Oh, and Erin's second week is also upcoming. Stay tuned!

And if you've got ideas for either story, let me know.

Have a great week!