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Hello to StoriesOnline

June 28, 2010
Posted at 2:01 pm

Hi all,
Have been writing under the name Kyng Kooba for some years now but have strangely only just found this quality site. I write for one reason only and that is entertainment (and hopefully a bit of recognition lol).

Have started off with two of my favourites. 'Black Alley' was actually illustrated by a fan of the piece. It's based loosely on another story i remembered reading in my teens in an adult mag. 'Kenyan in my wife' i wrote most recently and has a second part i did almost right away. The theme of Interracial, cross culture in Africa was something i'd not done before. So far have had some great feedback on it.

Thanks so much to the guys who took the time to feedback to me. My stuff is far, far from perfect i know and not to everyones taste. Still I often go back over time, re-edit and improve.

Hope you dig my work.