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Help from readers is so cool

June 28, 2010
Posted at 1:13 pm
Updated: July 2, 2010 - 6:13 pm

If you haven't read the blog entry before this one, stop now and go do that. If you don't this won't make any sense.

Suggestions for titles are already coming in. You people have a lot better imaginations than I do. I'll list them all here and who knows, maybe when this is all over I'll change the title to the one people like the most.

First out of the gate is good old Drunken Dwarf, who is never loathe to suggest what I should do. His picks are:

:Roughing It With Wendy.

:In The Bush With Wendy

:When Nature Calls. (seems like this one should be about water sports, don't you think?!)

just-this-guy chimed in with:

: Wendy's Wilderness Welcome


: Aunt Wendy Welcomes Bob to the Wild

Anonymous went with:

: Wet Wendy Gets Wantonly Wild

As an author who does this kind of thing often, I'll rearrange it a bit. It's just as bad so I feel qualified to add it myself

: Wanton Wendy Gets Wildly Wet

More anonymous suggestions (and I can see why)

: Exploring Nature with Wendy

: Wendy's Sticky S'Mores

: Hiking, Swimming, and Exploring Wendy (though this one's kind of clever)

Jeff and Kat sent in the following:

: Wendy Gets Au Natural, or in a different take on the same idea, Wendy Gets Ahhhh Natural, or Wendy Gets Ohh Natural.

: Wendy's Wilderness Awakening (close to Just this guy's, but different as well)

: Wendy's Wild Wilderness Play

: Wendy Plays in the Wilderness with Bob (can remove the Bob for just "Wendy plays in the Wilderness" as well)

Jim added a really clever idea:

: Wendy Looks for Peter in the Wilderness

Mark contributed:

: Wendy's Wild Adventure

: Wendy Rides The Bronco

: Bob's and Wendy's Great Bush Adventure.

Author note: I thought everybody hated Bush and was glad Obama got in. Now, suddenly everybody's all enamored with Bush again! What's up with that?

Not that I'm complaining. I'm loving this. Except I'd have sworn I said he didn't see a bush when he peeked.

Jerry, who goes by the nom de plum "Ralph Ruggedrocks" (how's that for a macho name?) said he "had to do it" after reading the above, but who am I to decide whether he was serious or not. His title is:

: Wendy's Bushless Adventure

Sad, Jerry. Sad. I expected better of you than that.

Mark submitted: Campground Capers

webguroo decided to get artsy and offered:

: Wendy is Bobbing In The Boat

Which made me think of one: Wendy Is Bobbing On Bobby

Two more anonymouses offered an opinion.

: Bobby's Best Harvest (which isn't bad at all)

: The Problem With Camping Is Aunts (which is clever except I'd want to replace "problem" with something more positive. And, of course, there would have to be two aunts. Maybe twins? Another story idea for my projects folder!)

Someone I'm going to call Joel (sometimes you have to do some guessing, based on the email addy) has a ... wait for it ... FERTILE imagination:

: Wendy And Bobby's Heir Raising Adventures

: Wendy And Bobby Bear It All

: My Nephew, My son???? (shouldn't that be My Cousin, My son????)

Well, when all was said and done, I actually got more mail from people who said the title was fine and to leave it alone than I did from all you laughing people who think I'm wacko.

I suppose everybody who responded thinks I'm wacko.

Anyway, I'm a kind of 'if it ain't actually broke, don't fix it' kind of guy, so while the names suggested were all fun (if a bit weird in some cases) I guess I'll just leave the title as it was.

Do not be disappointed if you suggested a title. I suspect we'll do this again some day, and maybe then I'll be right in thinking that the readers are smarter than the author.

Thanks to everybody who came out to play.