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June 10, 2010
Posted at 3:14 pm

Random Story Idea #2

Hailey a perky ten year old and Harvey a slightly weathered man almost sixty disappeared down the dimly lit hallway. Away from the donuts, coffee smell and blah blah of the church lobby to the vanilla office with just two chairs, desk and a couple of shelves with books piled high.

"I think you'll like this book, maybe even love it. Go ahead and have a seat sweetie. Now? Where is.." Harvey's voice trailed off as he eyeballed the preteen from behind. Setting the book in front of his young friend. "What you have here are many of the bible verses, but in more kid friendly words."

Harvey helped Hailey's index fingers to the page.

"Read aloud would' ya sweetie?" Skillfully Harvey's fingers eased from her hand to her arm, gliding to her shoulder. Tenderly he squeezed. "Be a good girl."

Hailey did her best to read but soon she felt Harvey invade her space, as he pressed himself into her neck, and the back of her head. A distinctly unfamiliar twitter surged through her little body. She could feel him against her. The fabric of his pants felt smooth and soft. He, it was firm and seemed to have purpose.

"Good girl, good girl, you're such a good girl," as suddenly as it started, Harvey groaned in disappointment and left her space. "Come on sweetie... we better we go back.

The next week was more the the same. A little bit of small talk with the other church goers followed by Harvey and Hailey disappearing to the back office. Two weeks led to three weeks which led to a ritual of sorts.

Hailey sitting at the desk, and from behind Harvey massaging her shoulders and pressing his going into her shiny black hair; Grinding against the milky white skin of her neck.

Soon Harvey started to massage more than her shoulders. His hand finding the front of her dress, and, eventually, inside the neckline to her little girl flatness. Tickling with circles, and squeezes. Hailey's only response was to wiggle, and, gasp, and go with Harvey.