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NIS Stories

June 5, 2010
Posted at 8:23 am

After 7 chapters, I've decided that NIS is a strange, restrictive universe in which to try to tell a story. Or perhaps it is restrictive to my style of writing. It's my own fault, of course. I elected to have them change.

In one week of stories, I have to fit a story that would normally take a much longer time. Can a character really change that much? I suppose s/he can.

It doesn't allow characters to develop; more like you have to force feed them and demand that they grow fast. If you want to have them grow at all. That of course, is a flaw in my method of writing: I usually have only a broad outline of "where the story is going" when I start to write.

We'll see together how it goes from here. I have a few endings in mind. I wonder which the characters will choose?